In today’s society a hand full of men believe they have the ‘extraordinary’ gene. The gene that allows those possessed of a thinking mind to alter the global landscape for the betterment of society. In this major adaptation of Dostoevsky’s classic text Rodion exists in a microcosm of such self-belief.


His detachment from reality is brought to the fore when his sister is faced with an unpalatable marriage proposal from Luzhin. Rodion decides to change the fate of the family through unspeakable action. He is caught in the grips of TV advertising that encourages us all to take the steps to make a better world. When he realises the 730 steps from the advert are the same distance to reach the pawnbrokers house, the deal is sealed.


Will detective Porfiry lead Rodion to confess his sins? Does his conscience finally give way to reality - you decide.


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