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Moving Parts is a registered charity currently operating as an incorporated body with a management committee with a chair, secretary and treasurer.

For 5 years the group has benefited from a small revenue grant from the City of Edinburgh Council, Children and Families Arts Unit. This welcomed grant has been in the region of £2,000 per year and is used to maintain the annual costs of the group for business planning, childcare, workshops and development of the annual Festival Fringe production.


Moving Parts applies for funding grants to develop specific productions during the year, including the annual Fringe production.


Previous funding bodies supporting the work of Moving Parts have included The National Lottery Awards For All programme in x and y, the City of Edinburgh Council Community Development Grant, Trust funds such as The Princes Trust, Nancy Massie Foundation, The Rowntree Foundation and the Volunteer Action Fund.


The average cost to produce a Fringe production is around £8,000-£10,000 to ensure that professionals can be employed to produce a quality project. It also ensures that the productions are fully accessible to those participants who require additional assistance to take part. For example childcare, venue hire, transport, costumes and other support is provided where required.


If you would like to sponsor or support Moving Parts you can make a donation by contacting us on info@movingparts.co.uk