Written by Sophie Treadwell.
Directed by Fiona Walton

Moving Parts tackle Sophie Treadwell's 1928 Broadway hit, Machinal, a modern age tragedy of isolation turned to murder. A young woman, ready, eager for life, for love...but deadened, squeezed, crushed by the machine like quality of the life surrounding. Loosely based on the sensational 1927 murder trial of Ruth Snyder, Treadwell uses this scenario as a springboard for her own speculations about what circumstances might drive a seemingly harmless stenographer to commit murder.
The story involves Helen who has had her entire life dictated by the people and machines around her. She follows the rituals expected of a woman, however resistant she may feel about them, and subsequently marries her boss, whom she finds repulsive. She has a baby with him, followed by an affair with a younger man who fuels her lust for life which drives her murder her husband. What will be her fate?