Written by Franz Kafka. Adapted by Steven Berkoff.
Directed by Theatre du Pif

Steven Berkoff's adaptation of Kafka's Metamorphosis provided a major challenge for Moving Parts but heralded our first project working with Hong Kong-based, directorial duo, Theatre du Pif.

The story tells of Gregor Samsa and his family, Gregor, a model employee supports his family with his earnings. He wakes one morning to find he has changed into a large beetle. On discovering the change his family recoil in horror. The family relationship with Gregor starts to breakdown with only his sister Greta feeding him and cleaning his room, though this won't continue for long. Without Gregor funding the family they take in a lodger to help their income, but he quickly discovers Gregor and, disgusted, leaves without paying his rent. What will the future hold for Gregor and the Samsa's?