Akaky Akakyevich played by Iain Bunt
Picture: Craig Maclean
FRINGE 2001 & 2002
Written by Nikolai Gogol. Directed by Theatre du Pif

Moving Parts and Theatre du Pif conjure up a fantastic adaptation of Gogol's The Overcoat. Akaky Akakyevich, a simple copier lives his simple life in St Petersburg. Every year as the bitter winter comes in Akaky takes his well-worn Overcoat to Petrovich with a view to getting a patch-up, but this time Petrovich has had enough. After convincing Akaky to find the money he tailors a brand new overcoat for Akaky.
Celebrating his new purchase, Akaky attends a party at a work colleague's house, at the end of a hard nights work, Akaky heads home only to have his precious possession stolen from him. Can the Important Person help him get it back?

The Overcoat is the jewel in the crown of our Fringe productions – the play received a five star review in The Scotsman and was also listed as their Critic's Choice.